Monday, April 30, 2007

Kathy Update

First off, Kathy is doing well. She is home and recovering and itching to get back into training for the Lake Placid Ironman. She looks like she got the crap beaten out of her. She's feeling better and looking nastier. I guess that's the way the body heals. Her head hurts the least and the rest of her body/injuries are feeling sore.

She is mostly frustrated that she has to take a break in her training schedule. I think she even got back on her bike trainer yesterday.

She had mentioned that her front wheel went wobbly as she was coming down the hill. She was also trying to switch to her "drops" midway down. Though I don't think that explains why her front wheen started to oscillate.

I went out for a ride on Sunday and tried to see if I could make my front wheel go wobbly at 20 mph. The gyroscopic forces from the spinning wheel were so strong at those speeds (20 mph) that I had difficulty trying to forcibly induce the beginnings of a loss of control.

Kathy's father had a theory that the front wheel might not have been seated correctly. I suspect he might be on to something.