Monday, January 1, 2007

2006 in Review

This past year I did a lot of biking. I managed to get out for 55 rides on my road bike totaling 1349 miles. I averages 15.7 m.p.h. for the year. Not bad considering I did this with a full time job and two kids under 5. The highlight of the year was the 3 day ride from High Point, NJ to Cape May, NJ. ~250 miles in three days. Day 1 was grueling with 85 miles and lots of climbs. Day 2 was my first century and also my 38th birthday :-) Day 3 was a short 60 mile ride to the Cape to wrap up the trip. More about this ride at: I doubt I'll get close to 1350 miles in 2007, but I'll try ;-) Happy New Year!